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About Us

The purpose of this web site is to provide a virtual faculty for scientists and clinicians with an interest in NTHi disease - its pathogenesis, incidence and treatment.


An educational support grant was initially provided to Griffith University (Professor Allan Cripps) to establish the website. Professor Cripps and Dr Diana Otczyk launched the web site at the 2nd International workshop on Haemophilus influenzae and Moraxella catarrhalis in Curacao August 10 -11, 2011. It was agreed that a Steering Committee would be established to help build the web site and ensure that its content remained up to date.


  1. For the Faculty to interact and share information on: disease burden and severity, antibiotic resistance, virulence factors, clinical trials (vaccines and chemotherapies), case studies on so on. This will be achieved through: discussion forums, billboard, blog, meeting/conference alerts and reports.
  2. To create a platform for the faculty to be able to access an indexed, searchable repository (database) of reports and peer reviewed publications on NTHi.


Steering Committee

Allan Cripps, Australia,
John Hays, The Netherlands
Peter Hermans, The Netherlands
Tim Murphy, USA
Ed Swords, USA
Diana Otczyk, Australia,

Web site Manager

Diana Otczyk
Postal Address: Griffith Health, Office of the Pro- vice Chancellor (Health), Gold Coast Campus, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. 4222
Telephone: +61 7 56780711