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Welcome to NTHi-Watch

The NTHi-Watch web site has been established to engage clinicians and researchers with an interest in nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) disease in a virtual faculty to consolidate knowledge on the pathogenesis, incidence and treatment of NTHi disease.


This web site consolidates published peer reviewed journal listings, agency reports and non-published reports and commentaries that are in the public domain which relates to NTHi.



The dramatic growth of NTHi related research over the last ten years is recognition of its increasing importance to both clinicians and scientists.

It is the aim of the web site to provide a single repository of information on NTHi for those interested in this microbe and the diseases for which it is responsible. The web site also contains valuable information concerning scientists and clinicians who are undertaking research on NTHi as well as databases and microbial collections that can be made available to other researchers.

As the web site matures it is hoped that facilities will be added to allow online interaction between members of the NTHi faculty.